Death toll rises to 23 in train crash in Egypt

Death toll rises to 23 in train crash in Egypt

In the written statement made by the Egyptian Chief Prosecutor’s Office, new developments regarding the train accident that occurred in Kalyubiye province were included.

It was noted that the number of deaths in the train accident increased to 23 and the number of injured to 139.


In the statement, it was also reported that Chief Prosecutor Hamade es-Savi decided to arrest 23 suspects, especially vatman and his deputy, within the scope of the investigation initiated after the accident.

It was stated that the investigation was continuing in the statement, which stated that the arrest warrant was due to the negligence of causing death and injury.

In its last statement on the subject, the Egyptian Ministry of Health stated that 11 people died in the train accident that took place in the city of Kalyubiye on 18 April, and 97 people were injured.

The Egyptian Ministry of Transport also announced yesterday that after the railway accidents in the country, extensive changes were made in the National Railways Directorate.

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