Death toll in Colombia against tax reform protests rises to 5

Death toll in Colombia against tax reform protests rises to 5

In Colombia, thousands of people who took to the streets in more than 50 cities, including the capital Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Baranquilla, Cartagena and Valle de Cauca, once again protested the government’s new reform bill.

The protesters marching to the historic Bolivar Square of the capital, the center of the protests, reacted to the government’s new tax reform project with slogans and songs.

After some of the protesters threw stones and fireworks at the police, police officers from the Colombian social incidents intervention unit ESMAD intervened with tear gas.

In the demonstrations, at least 5 people, including one police officer, have lost their lives and 314 people, including 209 police and 105 civilians, have been injured. Security forces also detained 300 people.

9 murders in CALI are investigated

On the other hand, the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation after 9 murders were committed in 3 days in Cali, the country’s third largest city, where the demonstrations turned into violent events.

Whether the murders are related to the protests in the city will be clarified after the investigation is completed.

Colombian President Ivan Duque stated in the program he attended on a television channel yesterday that they will not withdraw the tax reform bill they submitted to the Congress, but that they will prepare a new text containing various regulations.

Non-governmental organizations, on the other hand, once again declared that they wanted the new tax reform bill to be withdrawn completely, otherwise they would start new national strikes across the country.

The anti-tax reform demonstrations in Colombia, which started on April 28 with the call for a “national strike” by unions, local communities, student groups and various opposition groups, were calm and peaceful at first, and then violent events were the scene.


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