Daughter of candidate killed before election elected mayor in Mexico

In Mexico, the people went to the polls yesterday to elect members of the 500-seat House of Representatives, 15 state governors and 20,417 local and regional administrators.

While the violence that started before the election continued in different parts of the country on the election day, Alma Denisse Sanchez Barragan, the daughter of the Citizen Movement’s candidate for the Mayor of Moreleon, who was shot dead on May 25 during the election campaign, won the election.

In Moreleon, where 97.4 percent of the votes were counted, it became certain that Barragan’s closest rival, Grecia Pantoja Alvarez, who received 10,355 votes, won the mayorship after remaining 4,595 votes.

Barragan was also congratulated by his rival PRI-PAN coalition candidate, Maria del Socorro Ortega, with the words “I wish him good luck in his new role at the head of Moreleon’s destiny”.

Sharing on his mother’s social media account, which he actively uses, Barragan expressed his victory with the words “Up to the sky, Moreleon is painted orange in your honor today”.

Barragan also said, “The change you are all pursuing today began and was accomplished thanks to your whole heart and soul voting for a different government. We owe this to Ms. Alma Barragan, who with all her love always strives to unite in Moreleon. We will keep the promise of Ms. Alma Barragan to improve this city she loves so much and honor her by making her dreams come true.”


Since the campaign period that started in September before the election in the country, nearly 800 incidents of violence have been recorded. At least 90 politicians were killed and many politicians were kidnapped or threatened with nearly 200 armed attacks. Due to these violent incidents, extensive security measures were taken in election centers in the country.

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