Darknette big blow to child abuse

Darknette big blow to child abuse

German police smashed one of the largest child abuse platforms in the world. Darknet

Operating in the dark web on the internet called “Boystown”, it is reported that the platform has 400 thousand members worldwide.

In a statement made by the German Federal Police Service (BKA), it was noted that two people operating the platform and one member were detained in Germany, and a German citizen was arrested in Paraguay with an international arrest warrant.

The suspects are accused of forming a gang and spreading pornographic content aimed at child abuse on the darknet. It is stated that there are images of the most serious sexual abuse of young children on the platform.

It is stated that the chief suspects, aged 40, 49 and 58, are the administrators of the site in question, are responsible for the technical functioning of the website on the dark web, and also provide security advice to members of the site to minimize the risk of getting caught by the police. Another suspect, 64 years old, became a member of the platform in July 2019 and was one of the most active users of the site with 3,500 pornographic content.

It was reported that the operation against the suspects took place in mid-April, the suspects in Germany were arrested and the other is expected to be extradited from Paraguay. It was stated that the police from the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, the USA and Canada also supported the operation, which was carried out under the coordination of the European police organization Europol.

Hessen State Minister of Justice Eva Kühne-Hörmann stated that the operation “meant a great success in combating sexual violence against children and young people. The closure of this disgusting platform has once again demonstrated that the criminal pursuit is successful on the darknet and that the criminals cannot feel safe here.” .

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