Cyber ​​attack on the Norwegian parliament |  NTV

Cyber ​​attack on the Norwegian parliament | NTV

A cyber attack was carried out against the Norwegian parliament in August last year, and the e-mails of some employees were targeted in the attack.

Norway blamed Russia for the cyber attack, and Russia denied the allegations as groundless. Parliament was again the target of cyberattacks months later.

“We know that the data was received, but we do not yet have a complete overview of the situation,” Parliament speaker Marianne Andreassen said in a statement.

Andreassen said he believes the cyber attack is linked to a “vulnerability” in Microsoft’s Exchange software, adding that it is unclear who is responsible for the attack.

In February, the Norwegian Police Security Service described Russia and China as “the biggest threat to intelligence”. Western countries frequently accuse Russia of interfering with internal affairs through computer piracy.

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