Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is also banned in Italy

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is also banned in Italy

Statement by Italian authorities Binance It was stated that the crypto money exchange named “Cryptocurrency Exchange” does not have any operating authority in Italy, and therefore the exchange is banned in the country.

With this statement, Italy became one of the countries that banned Binance.

Italian market regulator Consob With the statement published by Binance Group on their website, the activities of Binance Group, which provides services in Italian in the country, were also prevented.

In the statement, it was emphasized that although Binance offers information in Italian on its website, it is not authorized to provide investment services or activities in the country.

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Consob, in its statement, underlined that Italian investors and savers should exercise the utmost care when making their investment choices, and stated that they should pay attention to the fact that the websites where they invest are approved by the authorized places.

In the statement from Binance on the subject, it was stated that the notification made by Consob did not have a direct impact on its services.

On the other hand, Italy is one of Binance’s most important markets. such that cryptocurrency stock market in Italian Telegram The account has more than 25,500 active users.


Italy is not the first country where Binance was banned. Cryptocurrency stockpile previously banned by Thailand, Japan, Germany, USA, UK and China.

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