Covid hospital fire in India: 9 dead

Covid hospital fire in India: 9 dead

It was determined that 9 people died in a fire in a hospital where Covid-19 patients were treated in the state of Gujarat in the west of India.

According to the news on the NDTV channel, a fire broke out in the Sunrise Hospital in Ahmedabad, the state, in the early hours of the morning.

Making a statement on the subject, Mumbai City Police Deputy Chief Prashant Kadam stated that they were concerned that there might be people trapped in the hospital after the fire in which 9 people lost their lives.

An official who did not want the identity of the fire department to be disclosed stated that more than 70 patients who could be evacuated from the hospital due to the fire that broke out in the morning have been transferred to other hospitals in Mumbai.

Press Trust of India reported that the fire started on the ground floor of the hospital and started to rise to the upper floors.

It is stated that the controlled fire may have started due to a short circuit in the electrical contact.

An investigation was initiated due to the outbreak of the fire.

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