Covid-19 vaccine was 'accidentally' given to 6-month-old baby in Chile

Covid-19 vaccine was ‘accidentally’ given to 6-month-old baby in Chile

Covid-19 vaccine was given to a 6-month-old baby in Chile.

Local media reported that a mother took her 6-month-old baby to the family health center in the town of Tirua in the Bio Bio region for the completion of routine vaccinations, and the baby was mistakenly given the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac. Tirua family health unit also admitted that the baby was given the Covid-19 vaccine.

It was announced that the family of the baby was informed about the wrong vaccination and the baby was kept under control for control purposes. While the authorities stated that no side effects were encountered in the baby so far, it was reported that the investigation into the incident was continuing.


In Chile, it was revealed that a group of people who had the first dose of Pfizer vaccine received the second dose of Sinovac vaccine.

“Frankly, we regret that this error occurred during the vaccination of 10 people in the area of ​​San Bernardo (southern part of Santiago). But these are specific cases. We are clarifying the situation,” said Health Minister Enrique Paris at a press conference.

Paris announced that these people will be re-vaccinated with the Pfizer product, but the second dose will be given 21 days later, not immediately.


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