Coup plan allegation in Jordan |  NTV

Coup plan allegation in Jordan | NTV

A statement came from the government after the former Crown Prince Hamza was placed under house arrest in Jordan. Deputy Prime Minister Eymen Sefadi claimed that names close to Prince Hamza attempted a conspiracy with the support of a foreign country. Countries in the region, especially the USA and Saudi Arabia, gave full support to King Abdullah of Jordan.

“A malicious conspiracy designed to destabilize the country has been discovered and completely prevented,” Jordan Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Eymen Sefadi said.

Blaming the conspiracy attempt, King Abdullah’s half brother and former crown prince, Prince Hamza, Sefadi claimed that the people around the Prince were in contact with foreign countries in order to bring the conspiracy to life.

The Deputy Prime Minister did not name the country but said that between 14 and 16 senior figures were detained.

Sefadi stated that among the detained names were Besim ─░brahim Avadallah and ┼×erif Hasan bin Zeyid, who were close to Prince Hamza, that Avadallah tried to arrange a plane to kidnap Hamza and his wife from the country, He claimed that he was in contact.

Stating that the conspirators had been monitored by the intelligence service for a while and the king was informed, Deputy Prime Minister stated that Hamza was asked to put an end to these acts that threaten the security and stability of the country, but he did not accept it.

Leaving unanswered the question of whether or not any accusations were brought against the Prince, Sefadi stated that he was trying to reach an agreement with him in an amicable way.

The government’s statement came a day after Prince Hamza’s video, which he sent through his lawyer to the British broadcaster BBC, was released.

Hamza explained that he was under house arrest in the video in which he spoke English.

He said that the Chief of General Staff visited him, he was asked not to go out, not to communicate with anyone, and that his internet and phone were cut off. Prince Hamza accused the administration of corruption and incompetence without giving the King’s name.

Prince Hamza’s mother, Queen Nur, also made a statement and claimed her son. Queen Nur said that her son was slandered.

The United States and the countries of the region, especially Saudi Arabia, declared full support to King Abdullah of Jordan. Jordan is known as the most stable country in the Middle East.

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