Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu once again against the judge

Corruption case against Netanyahu: Israeli Prosecutor accuses Israel of ‘trying to overthrow him’

According to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Agency KAN, Netanyahu, at the press conference held after the hearing, which lasted about 6 hours today, commented that he “used his power improperly” for the Israeli Prosecutor accusing him of abuse of office.

Netanyahu emphasized that the Prosecutor’s Office was trying to overthrow him, “They (the prosecutor’s office) are on a hunting trip. They did not investigate or search for a crime. They were just looking for me.” said.

Noting that the prosecutor’s office is also trying to strike a coup against the government under its leadership, Netanyahu said, “They are trying to overthrow a powerful prime minister from the right.” used the expressions.

Netanyahu also accused the Prosecutor’s Office of “deleting records, ignoring statements and complaints, leaking investigative materials as the sole holding authority, and blackmailing witnesses with grave threats without further details.”

The first session of the third hearing of Netanyahu’s case, who went down in history as the first Prime Minister to be tried while on duty in Israel, began to be held at the Jerusalem Regional Court in occupied East Jerusalem.

At the hearing, Attorney General Liat Ben Ari stated that Netanyahu “abused his position in order to gain illegal benefits in coordination with central media organs in order to strengthen his personal interests”, while Netanyahu denied the accusations against him.

Netanyahu left the court after the Prosecutor’s Office read the indictment at the hearing held today in the Jerusalem District Court.

Netanyahu and his lawyers were present at the hearing, while the local and international media showed great interest in Netanyahu’s hearing, who was on trial for three separate corruption cases.

It is stated that the trial process of Netanyahu, who has served as the prime minister for the longest time in Israel, will take a long time.

On November 21, 2019, Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit requested that Netanyahu be sued for three separate corruption cases.

Netanyahu’s first hearing was held on May 24, 2020, and his second hearing was held on February 8, 2021 at the Jerusalem District Court.

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