"Corona facilities" come into force in Germany

“Corona facilities” come into force in Germany

GermanyThe regulation, which provides facilities for those who have corona virus vaccine and those who survive Covid-19 disease, has also been approved by the State Assembly (Bundesrat). German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht described the regulation, which will take effect Sunday, as “a very important step towards further normalization”.

In accordance with the regulation, people who are vaccinated and recovered from the disease will not have to carry a test result proving corona virus negative with them when they visit places such as a museum or a botanical garden from Sunday, for example, when they go shopping or to the barber.

These people will also be able to have their private life meetings without any restrictions. In addition, quarantine will only be valid in very exceptional cases for people in this scope.

Those who want to benefit from the convenience of regulation as a vaccine must wait 14 days after receiving two doses of vaccine. Those who survive the Covid-19 disease are required to have a document that they have recovered. In addition, it is required to prove that the survived disease has been passed through a time period between six months ago and 28 days ago with the PCR test result.


Justice Minister Lambrecht said, “If the number of infections continues to decrease, new facilities will come quickly,” he said. The facilities that Minister Lamrecht mentioned are expected to include restaurants and hotels that are currently not included in the regulation.

The German Institute of Economics (IW) also made positive statements about the enactment of the decree. According to the calculations of the institute, only people over the age of 65 can do shopping, travel, etc. If they return to their consumption habits, this will contribute to the economy of 4 billion euros per month.

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