Confidential document investigation in England: Conflict files with Russia were found at the bus stop

Confidential document investigation in England: Conflict files with Russia were found at the bus stop

A file containing classified documents belonging to the Ministry of Defense was found at a bus stop in the south of England.

The file contains sensitive documents related to the ship crisis in the Black Sea last week.

The file found on the street both revealed details about the ship crisis and deepened the debate about the safety of public institutions.

According to the British broadcaster BBC, the file was found on Tuesday by a member of the public who asked to remain anonymous.

On Wednesday, there was a ship crisis in the Black Sea. In the incident, the British destroyer “Defender” entered the territorial waters of Crimea, and Russia opened warning fire to the ship.


According to the BBC’s report, the file includes e-mail correspondence, presentations and meeting minutes about this event.

There are predictions about how Russia will react to the entry of the British warship into the territorial waters of Crimea.

According to the documents, the issue was discussed two days before the event. According to the information in the file, it is understood that the British expected a stronger reaction from Russia.

In the file found on the street, the British army also has plans to stay in the region after NATO withdraws its troops from Afghanistan.
The documents also contain sensitive military recommendations.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that the personnel related to the file informed the ministry that the documents were lost.
It was announced that an investigation was launched into the situation regarding the security of very sensitive documents.

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariya Zakharova made fun of the British by referring to the famous movie hero, British agent James Bond, on her Telegram account.

“London made up a series of lies to hide his latest provocation, but James Bond is no longer what it used to be,” said Zaharova.


Last week, we came back from the brink of war in the Black Sea. The HMS Defender of the British Royal Navy was fired upon by Russia.

Moscow announced that the British warship violated Russian territorial waters and did not respond to the warnings. Russia then fired two warning shots towards the ship, then dropped four bombs near the ship.

When Britain denied the violation of territorial waters and warning fire statements, Russia shared the images of the HMS Defender.

Russia refers to Crimea, which it has annexed as its territorial waters.

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