Colonial accusation from Orban to Rutte |  NTV

Colonial accusation from Orban to Rutte | NTV

Prime Minister Orban, in his weekly speech on the Hungarian state radio Kossuth Radio, said that he was subjected to very serious attacks at the European Union (EU) Leaders’ Summit held last week due to the law passed in Hungary, but he gave the necessary answer to everyone.

Accusing Rutte of behaving like a colonialist, Orban said, explaining that Hungary should leave the EU because of the law in question, Orban said, “Mark Rutte thinks he is morally higher than the Hungarians. That’s why Hungarians should know how to live, think and raise their children. He sees the right to express his opinion on the matter,” he said.

Orban argued that non-governmental organizations in Western European countries can promote a different way of living together from the traditional family model in schools, but the other part of Europe, including his country, is against this.

Rutte, in a statement on 24 June, stated that the law in question confuses homosexuality with pedophilia and said that Hungary should withdraw the law, otherwise it should leave the EU.

In the joint declaration signed by Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Latvia on 22 June, the law in question was reacted.

In the declaration, which argued that the law adopted in Hungary to protect children discriminates against homosexuals and violates freedom of opinion, it was noted that accepting differences and keeping them equal are the fundamental values ​​of the EU and that it cannot be compromised.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, who reacted harshly to the law, said, “This Hungarian law is shameful. It not only discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation, but also violates the EU’s fundamental values. There is no compromise on this issue.”

In Hungary, according to the law passed on 15 June, the display of any content that “promotes” to persons under the age of 18, homosexuality and gender reassignment is prohibited in schools.

According to the law, television channels will also be able to recommend watching movies and programs with such content to people over the age of 18.

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