'Civil war' threat from generals to Macron in France

‘Civil war’ threat from generals to Macron in France

A warning letter was issued to the President of Frasa, Emmanuel Macron, to stop the growing chaos in the country.

In the letter published on the ultra-right site Valeurs Actuelles and signed by 20 generals, about 100 officers and more than 1000 soldiers, the government was called to defend patriotism.

In the letter, which claimed that France was under many threats, it was stated that the dissolution that threatened the country should be condemned.

In the letter, it was stated that anti-racist discrimination created unrest and hatred between communities in the homeland, and it was claimed that a racist war was wanted in terms such as “racism” and “decolonization”.

The letter argued that those who used these terms despised the traditions and culture of France and wanted to see the country dissolve by distancing it from its past, claiming that Islamism and the suburbs led to discrimination and division.


In the letter, it was stated that the authorities used the police as front and scapegoats in demonstrations and that people threatened the police who only followed the orders, and the expression “Dangers are growing, violence is increasing every day.


In the letter, which stated that the administrators should eliminate these dangers, “There is no time to take it easy, otherwise this growing chaos will end tomorrow and thousands of deaths will occur for you to be responsible.


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