Citizenship for 130,000 dollars: How the world's wanted criminals get away with Vanuatu's “golden passport”?

Citizenship for 130,000 dollars: How the world’s wanted criminals get away with Vanuatu’s “golden passport”?

Raees and Ameer Cajee, the founders of cryptocurrency investment platform Africrypt, accused by lawyers of robbing their former investors, have allegedly disappeared with a bitcoin worth around $3.6 billion (£2.6 billion).

Italian businessman Gianluigi Torzi has been accused of blackmailing Vatican officials for 15m euros during the purchase of a valuable London property.

Torzi denied any wrongdoing.

Turkish bank boss Hayyam Garipoğlu was sentenced to a prison sentence for embezzling millions of dollars and helping his nephew, Cem Garipoğlu, who brutally murdered 17-year-old Münevver Karabulut.

All these names disappeared after getting a golden passport from Vanatu.

In addition, according to documents obtained separately by The Guardian, Khalid al-Ahmad, a Syrian businessman and close adviser to President Bashar Assad, also received Vanuatu citizenship in June 2019.

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