Chile announces effectiveness results of Sinovac vaccine

Chile announces effectiveness results of Sinovac vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine Coronavac of the Chinese company Sinovac is 85% effective in preventing hospitalizations and 80% effective in preventing deaths. The vaccine shows 67% efficiency in preventing symptomatic cases.

The Chilean government shared the first real efficacy research results of the Chinese vaccine. The study revealed how effective the vaccine was outside of clinical trials.

The study examined its effectiveness on 10.5 million people with the CoronaVac vaccine between February 2 and April 1.

The data were consistent with the efficacy of the vaccine in clinical trials.

Vaccine trials in Turkey, 83.5% in preventing symptomatic cases were reported to have 100% efficacy in preventing severe disease and hospital admissions.

In studies conducted in Brazil, it was announced that the vaccine was 83.7% effective in preventing hospitalizations.

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