CENTCOM Commander: No more sending troops to Afghanistan

CENTCOM Commander: No more sending troops to Afghanistan

General Kenneth McKenzie, Commander of the US Central Forces (CENTCOM), said that after the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, it will be difficult to fight terrorist threats in this country, but they will never enter Afghanistan for the purpose of occupation again.

Commenting on the House of Representatives’ Armed Forces Committee, General McKenzie said, “We will never enter Afghanistan to invade under any conceivable condition again. What we are going to do is find those who intend to attack us and do what is necessary for them. I don’t want to make it seem easy. “It will be difficult, but not completely impossible.”


The US commander stated that the US will carry out its counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan mainly through American air elements deployed in other countries, “I am currently preparing a detailed plan to look at the options on the minister’s (Lloyd Austin) instructions. I will submit a report containing. ” he spoke.

Referring to Iran’s nuclear weapons program and its activities in the region, McKenzie noted that Iran is very active in the region with unmanned aerial vehicles and that the United States “has carried out an operation in a region without absolute air superiority since the Korean War”.

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