California prepares to reimburse hundreds of sterilized people

California prepares to reimburse hundreds of sterilized people

The US state of California is preparing to pay compensation to hundreds of people who have been sterilized.

The resolution to pay compensation to thousands of people sterilized in California was passed by the State Assembly.

Pursuant to the decision that will take effect after Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval; California will become “the third state to pay compensation to sterilization victims up to the age of 13”, after Virginia and North Carolina.

Forced sterilization practices in California date back to 1909, while official figures indicate that more than 20,000 people were sterilized.

Within the scope of the decision, it is recorded that compensation will be paid to the prisoners who are forcibly sterilized in prisons, while US human rights activists state that approximately 600 survivors of sterilization victims can benefit from the compensation.

eugenic movement

According to the law enacted in the state in 2014, sterilization for birth control purposes is prohibited in prisons; Sterilization continued “for health reasons”.

When the eugenics movement peaked in the 1930s; Its adherents believed that by sterilizing those with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and other undesirable traits, a superior human race could be achieved.

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