Businessperson of Turkish origin who received the first post of Twitter for 2.9 million dollars: I made a very smart investment

Businessperson of Turkish origin who received the first post of Twitter for 2.9 million dollars: I made a very smart investment

Sina EstaviI, who bought the first tweet posted by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, spoke to Justin Harper from the BBC. Estavi, a Malaysian citizen of Turkish origin, stated that he made a very smart investment and said, “It is a piece of human history in the form of a digital asset. Who knows what the price of the first tweet in human history will be 50 years from now? ” used the expressions.


Estavi also named Dorsey’s tweet the “Mona Lisa” of the digital world.

However, experts also announced that they agree with Estavi that the Twitter founder’s first post was a very valuable asset.

The post of the 44-year-old US CEO, which included the words “just setting up my twttr” (I started setting up my twitter account) on March 21, 2006, went to an online auction last month. Dorsey announced that he donated the proceeds from the sale to Give Directly’s Africa Response, an organization that fights poverty in Africa.

Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, made the payment using ethereum. The tweet was encrypted digitally and certified as NFT.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is an immutable and a special type of cryptographic token that represents a unique object. The details of NFT are recorded on a digital ledger known as a blockchain, helping to verify that a digital artifact is authentic. Buyers often have limited rights to display the artwork digitally, and the rights to the artwork usually belong to the creator.


“I believe NFT is a growing market and we are just at the beginning of it. “All forms of digital content such as music, photos, videos, blog posts and social media posts can now be sold as NFT.”

However, 29 entrepreneurs added that their investors and friends sent messages admirable for receiving Dorsey’s tweet, saying, “Everyone around me appreciated and was very happy with the investment I made, because they can see what NFT will reach in the future and on social media. They are aware of its impact ”.


While the multi-million dollar price of the sharing is deemed meaningless by some critics, investment experts consider Estavi to be cunning.

Social media expert Cathy Hackl said, “We can compare this to the fact that having this first tweet could be seen as the first edition of a rare book in the future. Twitter has ushered in a new era of communication and this tweet is its first product.”


Dorsey’s tweet was sold through an online platform called Valuables, owned by US-based Cent. Cent’s co-founder Cameron Hejazi said the first “tweet” was the highest-value asset ever sold on the platform.

Hejazi said, “I was shocked but not surprised. The value of these assets is extremely subjective. Also, we are happy that money is going for such a good purpose,” he said.

On the other hand, Hejazi said that the NFT market has now reached a value of $ 1 billion.

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