Bunch of red grapes sold for 1.4 million yen in Japan

Bunch of red grapes sold for 1.4 million yen in Japan

The cluster price of the grapes, which were presented to the customer at the season opening of the Kanazawa region of Ishikawa province, increased by 100 thousand yen ($910) compared to last year.

Taiwanese Hsieh Ming-ta, owner of the chain convenience store at the opening auction, paid 1.4 million yen for a bunch of “Ruby Roman” red grapes.

At this price, cluster grapes achieved a new record in their 3rd year. Ming-ta said, “I want to introduce Ruby Roman to the people of Taiwan. Even 1.4 million is less when you consider the labor of the farmers.” said.

According to the news of the Kyodo agency, after the first auction of the year, 253 Ruby Roman bunches were sold and shipped.

Matsuyama Mitsuo, one of the representatives of the group of grape growers, said, “The grapes are sweetened with the sunny days and high temperature before the harvest.” said.

Ruby Roman grapes, the size of a ping-pong ball, low in acid and high in sugar, were first released in Japan in August 2008.

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