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British Prime Minister Johnson: There are some important unknowns regarding the Indian variant of Covid-19

Johnson, Chief Medical Officer Prof. He held a press conference with Chris Whitty on the increase in the number of cases and the latest developments in the Indian variant.

“There are some important unknowns about the Indian variant of Covid-19.” “We believe this variant is more contagious than the previous one, but we don’t know how far. If the variant is significantly more contagious, we will likely face some difficult choices when it comes to easing the restrictions.” used the expressions.

Johnson pointed out that so far there is no evidence that the vaccines will be less effective, saying the government will speed up the administration of the second dose to those over 50 and in the vulnerable group, and the interval between two doses will be reduced to 8 weeks.

Noting that at this stage, there is no evidence that the increasing cases have turned into unmanageable pressures on the National Health Service (NHS), Johnson stated that this is the case even in Bolton, where a sudden increase in the variant was seen.

“I don’t believe we need the available evidence to delay the roadmap,” said Prime Minister Johnson. said.

Underlining that the government will continue its plan to move to the third step of the UK’s roadmap as of Monday, Johnson said, “However, I have to say that this new variant may cause a serious disruption to our progress and make it difficult to move to the fourth step in June. I will do whatever it takes to keep the people safe.” used the expressions.

The British Prime Minister, stating that they will not prevent businesses from reopening as planned, called on the public to do their share.

Expressing his very sorry for the residents of Bolton and Blackburn, where there is an increase in the Indian variant, Johnson stated that he will not impose any more restrictions on these regions.

Johnson also pointed out that the government may immediately impose other restrictions as soon as they see that there is a serious risk of hospitalization that could upset the NHS.


In the country, it is feared that the increase in the number of cases where the twice mutated type of Covid-19, which first appeared in India, will increase the pressure on the NHS.

According to the data published by the Public Health Agency of England, the number of cases with the India variant, which was 520 on May 5, reached 1313 on May 12, and 4 people died.

The Indian variant, which the British government defines as the “type of concern”, was most common in the cities of London, Bolton, Blackburn and Nottingham.

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