British army announced its new goal: to give weight to SİHAs

British army announced its new goal: to give weight to SİHAs

In the new defense strategy document of Britain, it was stated that armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SİHA) in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh are challenging high-skilled air defense systems and heavy armored forces, and the British army is planning to reduce the number of troops, and will concentrate on SİHA and new war technologies.

In Britain, the government has published a new defense strategy under the title “Defense in a Competitive Age”, which also sets out the 2030 vision of the British army.

The 69-page document, published as part of the defense strategies “Global Britain in a Competitive Age”, which contains the most comprehensive foreign policy and national security revision of recent years, announced by the government on March 16, contains information on measures to keep the British army ready for new threats to emerge. taking.


In the document, it will be ensured that the UK armed forces will become a “threat-oriented integrated power” with a constant change of mind in the land, sea, air, space and cyber fields, within this scope, 85 billion pounds will be spent on defense equipment within 4 years, and the armed forces will gain a competitive structure with this budget. and it was noted that it was intended to have the ability to fight decisively.

In the document, which pointed out that space is “very important” for military operations, in this context, the “space command” of the armed forces will start to work on April 1, 2021, the National Space Operations Center and the Space Academy will be completed with an investment of 1.4 billion pounds, within the next 10 years ” Skynet 6 “communication satellite program, 5 billion pounds will be invested in the program.

In the document, which is envisaged to reduce the number of soldiers in the British army, it was emphasized that new warfare technologies will be focused on robots, UAVs and SİHAs.

The document stated that strategic investments will be made in the Air Combat Systems of the Future (FCAS), new generation defense capabilities including swarm drones and energy weapons, and more budget will be allocated to modern weapon systems.

It was stated in the document that R&D investments will form the basis of the modernization of the British armed forces, as a part of the long-term strategy, it is planned to develop “Test and Evaluation” capacity for artificial intelligence, digital systems and space-based applications.

In the document, it was noted that some countries adopted a military-civilian approach to the development of new technologies and defense capabilities, benefited from civilian innovations, and that low-cost capabilities (SİHA) developed by this method challenge highly skilled air defense systems and heavy armored forces, such as in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh. withdrew.


In the document, Greece, Poland, Spain and Turkey, NATO’s “wings” to have an important role in the defense of this country and the United Kingdom’s defense industry was expressed among the partners.

Turkey’s “fight against terrorism and a NATO ally will play an important role in regional issues” in the document, identified as the United Kingdom and Turkey operations, their capabilities and industrial cooperation issues were recorded will try to secure long-term relationships.


The document pointed out that Russia continues to be the biggest nuclear and military threat to Europe’s security, “The modernization of the armed forces and the desire to take more risks has made Russia both a capable and unpredictable actor.” was evaluated.

The document emphasized that China’s rising power is the most important geopolitical factor in the world and its increasing influence in the Indo-Pacific region will pose a significant challenge.


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, on December 12, 2020, the British think-tank the Royal Armed Forces Institute (RUSI) in his speech, Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), SIH Bayraktar TB2 and air defense systems to Syria, in the field of use Libya and other places highlighting the superiority of Turkey’s new generation of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SIH a) showed examples.

Turkey’s new generation of military technology, Syria and pointing effectively used in various places such as Libya Wallace, UAV and sihai hundreds of armored vehicles and air defense systems that were destroyed stressed.

Wallace, Turkey’s new in the world’s leading defense industry after the blocking of access to foreign military programs had indicated that it did.

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