BREAKING NEWS … Foreign Minister Cavusoglu: April 14, Greek Foreign Minister to arrive in Turkey

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglumet with Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi, who is in Ankara for an official visit, at the Presidential Complex.

After the meeting last days in statements about the consultative meeting between the 62nd held in Turkey with Greek Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, “to find a solution in a meeting with Greece is not realistic, negotiations will continue” he said, “Greek Foreign Minister 14 will come to Turkey in April as” he spoke.


Çavuşoğlu said, “Meetings will continue in the upcoming period. We will host the next meeting. Consultative meetings were held yesterday, political consultations are held today. We have been calling it ‘fair sharing in the Eastern Mediterranean” from the very beginning, “he said.


62nd of consultative talks between Turkey and Greece was held in Athens, the Greek capital yesterday.

The negotiations on behalf of Turkey, Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Political Affairs-Maritime and Aviation-Border Director General Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes and maritime-aviation-Border Vice President Peace Kalkavan attending, Greece, retired Ambassador Pavlos Apostolidis, the Foreign Ministry General Ambassador Alexander Well and Chief of Staff of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs İfigeniya Kanara represented the Director.

The previous round of talks was held in Istanbul on 25 January. Advisory expression was used for the interviews that used exploratory qualification before.

Greece these talks with Turkey, aiming to solve the problems of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

The two countries started talks in Ankara on March 12, 2002, in order to lay the groundwork for a “fair, permanent and comprehensive” solution to the Aegean problems, acceptable to both sides.

Discussions between the undersecretaries of the foreign ministers continued until 2016. A new round could not be organized due to the political conjuncture and rather the reluctant attitude of the Greek side.

Details of the last minute development are soon on …

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