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BREAKING NEWS: First results in Armenia: Pashinyan’s party won the election

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Armenia held snap elections yesterday after its military defeat against Azerbaijan.

According to the first unofficial results in the country, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s party received 53.92 percent of the votes.

Thus, the Civil Contract Party, which received most of the votes, emerged victorious from the ballot box again.


While only a quarter of the ballot boxes were opened, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan delivered a victory speech live on his Facebook account.

Noting that the Civil Contract Party, of which he is the leader, received the majority of the votes, Pashinyan said, “It is already clear that the Civil Contract Party has won the majority in the parliament. The votes have not been counted yet. However, we will have a convincing majority.”

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan
Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan

Pashinyan said that it is time to re-establish national and social cohesion and said, “The people of Armenia carried out the second revolution in three years. This time, they carried out a ‘steel’ revolution instead of ‘velvet’.

Pashinyan also noted that he intends to expand cooperation with the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union.


Former President of the Armenian Alliance, leader of the Armenian Alliance, Robert Kocharyan, who led the election race in second place, argued that the preliminary preliminary results of the election were “controversial”. Koçaryan also stated that these results are not convincing.

Stating that the data on the voting results contradicted the observations they had observed in social life for 8 months, Koçaryan pointed out that there were hundreds of signals pointing to organized and planned fraud at the ballot boxes.

Koçaryan stated that they will demand a careful examination of the recorded and alleged election violations, and that they will accept the voting results after the whole process.

Details of the last minute development are on soon…

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