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Body found in landing gear of passenger plane from Nigeria to Amsterdam

In a statement made by the Royal Dutch Military Police, it was stated that the lifeless body of an unidentified person was found on the landing gear of a passenger plane coming from Lagos, Nigeria to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

It was stated that an investigation was carried out on the body, which was noticed after the plane belonging to the Royal Dutch Airline Company KLM landed at Schipol Airport.

It was recorded that Schiphol Airport police and forensic experts made investigations to determine the identity of the deceased.

Dutch media reports suggest that the deceased was suspected of being a stowaway and probably froze to death during the flight.

It was stated that the lack of oxygen in the landing part of the plane or the shock during the landing and take-off may also cause death.

In February, a 16-year-old Kenyan was found on the landing gear of a Kenyan Airways passenger plane that arrived at Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The stowaway, who survived, was hospitalized for severe hypothermia.

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