56 casualties in 1 day in anti-coup protests in Myanmar

Bloody day in Myanmar: death toll in protests against coup rises to 100

Bloody day in Myanmar: death toll in protests against coup rises to 100

In the anti-coup protests in Myanmar, after the military took over power on February 1, the security forces are increasing their violence. The Myanmar press has increased the number of deaths to 100 as a result of the intervention of security forces in the protests held in other cities, especially in Yangon and Mandalay.

It was reported that 56 people were shot and killed in the anti-coup protests across the country in Myanmar.
It is stated that at least 4 people lost their lives and 10 people were injured as a result of the fire opened against the protesters in front of a police station in the Dala suburb of Yangon.
It was recorded that 3 people were shot and killed in the protest in the Insein region. It was reported that 13 people died at different points in Mandalay. It was stated that other deaths were also recorded in different cities.
Spokesperson of the National Assembly Representative Committee (CRPH), an anti-junta group founded by MPs, Dr. Recalling the deaths in the country’s National Resistance Day (Armed Forces Day), Sasa said, “Today is a shameful day for the armed forces. The generals celebrate the Armed Forces Day after killing over 300 innocent civilians.
The Myanmar army seized the administration on February 1, on the grounds that the National Democracy League (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi, cheated in the general elections in November 2020, and many officials and ruling party leaders, especially Suu Kyi, were detained. While the public protests against the coup, the putschists continue to shed blood.

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