Black fungus epidemic in India: 9 thousand cases

Black fungus epidemic in India: 9 thousand cases

In India, which is in the grip of the Corona virus, the Ministry of Health announced that there have been 9 thousand cases associated with the deadly ‘black fungus’ disease spreading in the country.

It was stated that more than half of the cases of the deadly ‘black mushroom’ were seen in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The Ministry of Health of India announced that a total of 9,000 deadly cases of black fungus were seen in 15 provinces in the country.


Due to the increasing number of cases of black fungus disease, healthcare professionals in the country were called on the government to declare an epidemic in 29 provinces.


It is known as a rare type of infection worldwide.

It can be seen as a result of contact with mucor mold found in soil, plants, feces or rotting fruits and vegetables.

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