Bird flu epidemic in Japan spreads to another state

Bird flu epidemic in Japan spreads to another state

In a statement from local authorities, a highly contagious batch of poultry farm in the town of Haga bird flu reported cases were detected.

Tochigi Thus, it was learned that the 18th Japanese state with an epidemic since last November, while the culling of 77 thousand chickens at the facility started. Other production facilities within 3 kilometers of the farm affected by the epidemic were also restricted to the shipment of chickens and eggs outside the region as a precaution.


The mass bird flu cases that emerged in Kagawa in early November for the first time in Japan since 2018 spread to different states in a short time, and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) also supported the culling efforts in some regions due to the high number of cases.

It was announced that the number of poultry culled due to the epidemic broke a record this year, exceeding 6 million, while the previous record was recorded as belonging to the 2005-2006 season, when a total of 5.78 million chickens were culled due to a less contagious type of the virus.

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