Bill of the ship 'Ever Given' jammed in Suez was issued to Egypt's first female captain

Bill of the ship ‘Ever Given’ jammed in Suez was issued to Egypt’s first female captain

Egyptthe world’s most important waterway in Suez CanalThe first female captain in the country was billed for the crisis on the cargo ship named ‘Ever Given’, which landed on March 24th and caused billions of economic damage. Marwa Elselehdar, Egypt’s first female ship captain, said she was portrayed as the person responsible for blocking the Suez Canal, even though she was on another ship hundreds of miles away.


Marwa Elselehdar broke his silence regarding the charges against the British media. Noting that the cargo ship Ever Given was working as the second captain on the Aida IV in Alexandria on the date of landing on the Suveş Canal, Elselehdar said, “They targeted me with lies and slanders on the Internet. This is a huge lie.” He stated that he was placed on the target board due to his gender. Stating that he was astonished by the allegations, Elselehdar said, “I was shocked. Maybe I felt that I might have been targeted because I am a successful woman in this field or because I am Egyptian, but I’m not sure, ”he said.

It was stuck in the world’s most important waterway

Owned by the Japanese company Shoe Kisen, the freight ship with a capacity of 20,000 containers (about four football fields) with a length of 400 meters went off course after the sandstorm caught on the canal road on March 24, crashed into the shore and got stuck in the canal two days after the incident. In the statement he made afterwards, he stated that there were difficulties in attempts to re-float the ship.

While the daily damage of the ship to Egypt was estimated to be 12-14 million dollars, the daily damage caused by The Ever Given to global trade was stated to be around 10 billion dollars.

The giant freight iron named Evergreen, stranded on the Suez Canal, was rescued on the 7th day. After the works, while the ship was being floated, Egypt’s Suez Canal official reported that the traffic in the channel was opened after the ship was moved.

It was stated that Egypt’s “Ever Given” cargo ship would demand $ 1 billion in compensation from its company, Evergreen.

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