US President Biden held a press conference for the first time

Biden revokes Trump-era decisions on immigration, monuments and censorship

US President Joe Biden revoked a number of Trump-era decisions Friday, including a declaration signed by former President Donald Trump that required visa applicants to have health insurance or be able to cover medical expenses, according to reports in US local media.

In the days after Twitter described two of Trump’s Tweets as ‘potentially misleading’ last summer, Trump posted the 2020 ‘Prevent Online Censorship’ action. President Biden revoked this decision.

President Biden also withdrew the order signed by Trump during last year’s nationwide protests against police violence, instructing the attorney general to ‘prioritize the investigation and prosecution within the Ministry of Justice’ of those who damaged state monuments. The ‘Garden of American Heroes’, which was also issued during last year’s protests and ordered to create a sculpture garden with notable American personalities, was also among the decisions withdrawn by Biden on Friday.


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