Biden-Merkel meeting: Statement of unity against China and Russia

Biden-Merkel meeting: Statement of unity against China and Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with US President Joe Biden for the last time as chancellor.

Meeting at the White House, the leaders discussed the northern stream 2 project, which will carry natural gas from Russia to the EU, and relations with China.

After the meeting, the two leaders held a joint press conference.

Biden and Merkel agreed to take a common stance against Russia.

“While reiterating my concerns about Nord Stream 2, Chancellor Merkel and I agreed that Russia should not be allowed to use energy as a weapon to threaten its neighbors,” Biden said. made a statement.

Angela Merkel also emphasized that the two countries have different views on the Nord Stream project, but they stand together against Russia.

The two leaders stated that they will act together “against China’s anti-democratic steps”.

The President of the United States said that they discussed how soon they can lift the travel bans applied to Europe.

Relations between the United States and Germany had gone backwards under former US President Donald Trump.

Biden and Merkel promised to strengthen relations again in the future.

Merkel, who announced that she would not be a candidate in the elections to be held in September in Germany, had the opportunity to work with four US presidents during her 16 years in office.

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