Biden calls for a ban on semi-automatic weapons

Biden calls for a ban on semi-automatic weapons

Before his visit to the state of Ohio, Biden made a speech at the White House about the shooting that took place in Colorado yesterday, one of which killed 10 people from the police.

Underlining that they do not have clear information on why the attacker carried out the attack and other important points, Biden said that this morning, US Justice Secretary Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray informed him about the attack.

Underlining that they work closely with local and federal officials, Biden said, “Now you can ask me to predict what is happening and why it happened, I can’t do this right now because we don’t have information, but as president of the United States we will use all the means we have to ensure the safety of the people of the United States.” said.


Emphasizing that the absolute thing in the incident was the death of 10 people, Biden said, “We were devastated by this incident. We cannot even guess what kind of pain the families experienced.

Last week, 8 people, most of whom were Asian origin, lost their lives in the armed attack in Georgia, emphasizing, “While our flags were halfway for those who lost their lives in Georgia, news of gun violence came from another city. Our hearts were shattered.”

Underlining that the psychological burden of such armed attacks is also heavy, Biden said, “There is no need to wait another minute to take a discreet step to save people’s lives. We call out to my friends in the US House of Representatives and Senate. We can ban semi-automatic weapons in this country.”

Pointing out that the number of gun attacks had decreased when gun regulations were made before, Biden said, “Congress can remove the legal loopholes in the background investigation for arms sales. This is the most usable tool we have to stop gun violence. The US Senate should urgently pass the bill on this issue.” he spoke.


Biden expressed his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the attack and noted that the issue of banning semi-automatic weapons is in the common interest of the whole country.

Biden, on the other hand, signed a circular to reduce the American flags in the White House and all public buildings by March 27 due to the armed attack in Colorado.

7th armed attack in 7 days

There have been 7 armed attacks in the USA in the last week.

The armed attack, which resulted in the death of 10 people in the state of Colorado, was recorded as the 7th armed attack in the country in 7 days.

The attacks that took place in the last week have brought the discussions on the gun control law again on the agenda in the USA.

According to the compilation in the US media, the country witnessed armed attacks on 3 massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia, where 8 people, 6 of them of Asian origin, died on March 16.

On March 17, 5 people were injured in a gun attack in Stockton, California.

On March 18, in the state of Oregon, 4 people were hospitalized in the east of Portland, after the shooting.

The city of Houston, Texas, was the scene of an armed attack on March 20. 5 people were injured in the attack, one of them seriously.

One person was killed and 7 were injured in an attack in the city of Dallas that same day.

An attack in Philadelphia on 20 March caused 1 death and 5 injuries.

Finally, on March 22, 10 people, one of whom was a police officer, died in a gun attack on a market in Colorado.

According to the data of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which was monitoring gun violence, approximately 40 thousand people died in the country in 2019.

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