Bernard Tapie, former owner of Adidas, and his wife attacked

Bernard Tapie, former owner of Adidas, and his wife attacked

Bernard Tapie, former French minister and former owner of the sports brand Adidas, was attacked with his wife at his home in the southeast of Paris, French officials said.

In the incident, which occurred at 00:30 on Sunday, four people wearing hoodies and black clothes tied the couple with electric cables and battered the couple. It was stated that the attack took about an hour. However. It was stated that the torture increased the violence because the thieves found the jihadists they were looking for in the house in the Combs-la-Ville region.


It was stated that Dominique Tapie escaped from the attack, then went to a neighbor’s house and informed the police and was hospitalized with minor injuries, while the 78-year-old former business man, who had been struggling with stomach cancer for several years, refused to be taken into medical care.

Guy Geoffroy, Mayor of Combs-la-Ville announced that two Rolex watches were stolen from the couple’s home, including various earrings, bracelets and a ring.

“The couple survived the incident and managed to face it. It is really a very sad incident,” said Geoffroy in a statement on the subject.


On the other hand, Tapie, who served as Minister of Civil Affairs in France during 1992-1993, faced a series of legal scandals while establishing his sports and media empire, making a fortune by taking over failed companies early in his career and winning a 72-meter yacht and football club called Olympique de Marseille. He often showcased his fortune, including buying it.

However, Tapie also suffered from a number of legal issues. After declaring bankruptcy in the 1990s; He spent five months in prison after a series of lawsuits involving corruption, tax fraud, and misuse of corporate assets.

Although Olympique de Marseille won the championship, he was accused of fixing during Tapie’s period, and the club dropped to the lower league, taking the title of league championship.

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