Behind the scenes of the historic Diana interview

Behind the scenes of the historic Diana interview

Princess Diana’s son, Prince William, said in a statement on the report that Bashir’s “trickery” to obtain the interview greatly influenced what his mother said in the interview.

“The interview made my parents’ relationship worse and it has hurt countless people since then.” He stressed that the BBC’s knowledge that the shortcomings in the internal investigation contributed significantly to the “fear, paranoia, and isolation” experienced by his mother in his last years was an indescribable sadness.

The prince noted that if the BBC had correctly investigated the complaints that were first raised in 1995, he would have understood that his mother, who died in August 1997, had been deceived, and that this situation greatly upset him.

“My mother was let down not only by a deceitful reporter, but also by BBC executives who turned their eyes away from asking difficult questions. Speaking, the Prince stated that the Panorama program has no legitimacy and should never be broadcast again.

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