Baby born with 3 penises in Iraq underwent surgery

Baby born with 3 penises in Iraq underwent surgery

A baby with three penises was born last year in the town of Duhok in Mosul, Iraq. Doctors stated that two non-functional penises of 2 and 1 cm in length were surgically removed from a baby born with a syndrome called “diphallia”.

The case is estimated to be the first in the world. Urologists decided that extra penises removed by surgery were not dependent on the tube through which the urine passed, and surgery was the best option.

When the unidentified baby was three months old last year, doctors published a medical article about the case. While experts point out that one in every 5 to 6 million boys is born with more than one penis, one of the approximately 100 recorded diphallia syndrome worldwide is a case with two penises, he said.


According to the case report published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the Iraqi boy was stated to be the first triphallia (three penises) patient. The author of the report, Dr. According to ┼×akir Saleem Jabali, it was stated that no problem was detected in the baby in the control performed one year after the operation. Dr Jabali, who made explanations on the subject, said, “According to our estimation, it is the first case reported with three penises or triphallia.”

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