Automotive giants stopped their production due to lack of materials

Automotive giants stopped their production due to lack of materials

One of the most important automobile manufacturers in the world Toyota, Honda and Volvo announced that they temporarily cease their production due to material shortages.

In the statements made by Toyota and Honda, it is stated that supply chain problems make their work difficult, while difficult weather conditions, problems in connection points, ports and Covid-19They noted that the continued impact of the company is disrupting global supply chains, affecting material supply.

Toyota and Honda then announced that they would cease production at their North American factories due to disruptions in key supplies, including plastic components, petrochemicals, and semiconductors.


Honda said it will halt production at most US and Canadian auto factories next week due to a combination of supply chain problems, adding that severe weather and lockup of ports are the situation that delayed the delivery of parts. Honda reported that the pipes in some factories were frozen due to the cold weather, so the factories could not produce.

Honda said the shutdown will begin March 22 and 29 at most of its five auto plants in the US and Canada, without specifying which factories will stop production. Stating that the shutdown time may vary depending on the supply of parts, the company said that workers will continue to be paid to perform other jobs in the factories.

Toyota side said in a statement that the petrochemical shortage was responsible for the production cut at its factory. Underlining that the deficiency was experienced especially in the Kentucky factory where the Camry and Avalon sedans and the hybrid version of the RAV4 sports utility vehicle were produced, and in Mexico where the Tacoma pickup truck was produced, Toyota stated that there is currently no job of dismissal.

Volvo, owned by the Chinese automotive company Geely, said in a statement that production will be suspended or regulated at its factories in China and the United States this month, citing a global chip shortage.

“We expect the situation to become critical in the second quarter of the year. Therefore, we have decided to take measures to minimize the impact on production,” the Swedish automaker said in a statement.


The problems announced by the three major automobile manufacturers are seen as the last reflections of the problems experienced by automotive companies in the recent period. Previously, General Motors, Ford and Nissan had announced that there would be production cuts or the facilities would be temporarily closed due to chip shortages.

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