Attack on Turkish family in Germany |  NTV

Attack on Turkish family in Germany | NTV

According to the statement made by the German Lübeck Police Department, in the incident that took place in Mühlentor Square near the city center on July 3, an argument broke out between a Turkish family of four and a German couple.

A 45-year-old Turkish father and his 4 and 8-year-old children were affected by the tear gas used by the 51-year-old person during the discussion.

The father and his children were later taken to the hospital by ambulance.


In addition, it was determined that the attacker and his wife were carrying some prohibited weapons as well as tear gas.

The police, who seized the weapons, launched an investigation against the 51-year-old attacker for injury and violation of the gun law.

The couple was taken to the police station but released on the grounds that there was no reason to arrest them.

Police said there were indications that the incident was xenophobic.

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