Attack on prison in Nigeria: large numbers of prisoners escape

Attack on prison in Nigeria: large numbers of prisoners escape

It was reported that many prisoners escaped in another prison attack by gunmen in the state of Abia in the south of the African country Nigeria.

According to national media reports, unknown gunmen also attacked the prison in the Bende district of Abia state.

While the prison was arsoned in the attack, many prisoners escaped.


In the attack on the prison in Owerri, the capital of Imo state, on April 6, 1844 prisoners escaped and 50 vehicles were set on fire.

Such attacks are occasionally carried out by the separatist Biafra Indigenous Peoples (IPOB) in southern Nigeria.

In the operations carried out in the South region on 29 March, 16 IPOB members were captured with guns and bombs.

Millions lost their lives in the civil war that broke out in 1967, when the people of Biafra revolted to demand the establishment of the independent state of Biafra in southern Nigeria.

The Republic of Biafra, founded in 1967 in the southeast of the country, was once again under Nigeria’s sovereignty at the end of the civil war.

The IPOB, declared as a terrorist organization by the Nigerian state, wants to establish an independent state.

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