Attack on police in front of the US Congress

Attack on police in front of the US Congress

It was reported that the US Congress campus was closed to entrances and exits due to a vehicle hitting the police with barriers, and security measures were increased.

In the Congress, which was the scene of a raid in the USA on January 6, an alarm was given again.

Congress police announced that the entrances and exits to the buildings in the entire campus were closed and security measures were increased due to the “external threat”.

In a statement made by the US Congress Police’s official Twitter account, it was noted that a vehicle quickly entered the barriers in the area leading to Independence Street.

The statement pointed out that the vehicle hit two police officers, and it was stated that the suspect was also seized as injured. In the statement, it was stated that the two injured police officers and the suspect were hospitalized.

During the incident, it was noteworthy that police helicopters landed on the congress facility to intervene in the incident.


Speaking to the American press, eyewitnesses reported that the police opened fire when the suspect came out of the car with a knife after crashing into the barriers.

NBC News, on the other hand, reported that the attacker died in the hospital where he was taken to security sources.

No statement has yet been received from the authorities as to whether the incident was an attack or an accident.


The sessions in the Senate and the House of Representatives were suspended due to the incident.

On the other hand, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, who gave a briefing during the incident, stated that President Joe Biden was safe in Camp David in the outer part of Washington and that the two injured police officers and the suspect were taken to the hospital.

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