AstraZeneca vaccine crisis grows |  NTV

AstraZeneca vaccine crisis grows | NTV

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine developed against Corona virus, “Does it cause blood coagulation?” on the agenda with the question.

Many countries have suspended the use of the vaccine for precautionary reasons due to this concern. Among the countries that have stopped the use of the vaccine are Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Finally, TRNC, Latvia and Sweden also suspended the use of the vaccine.

As the panic atmosphere grows, the European Medicines Agency continues to recommend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Emer Cooke, President of the European Medicines Agency, emphasized that they continue to examine the side effects of the AstraZeneka vaccine, but that the vaccine does not need to be withdrawn or suspended from the market at the moment. He underlined that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the possible side effects.

The European Medicines Agency will announce the results of its research on blood coagulation on Thursday.

The World Health Organization explained that there is no proven link between the observed effects and the vaccine, and people should not panic.

According to the information provided by Oxford AstraZeneca, a total of 17 million vaccines were made and only 37 people had this problem. The scientists who developed the vaccine are behind their work.

He announced that the vaccine is safe in the UK. The British press is asking whether there are reasons other than science behind this attitude of European countries.

Nicola Magrini, head of the Italian Medicines Agency, also claimed that the decision to suspend AstraZeneca vaccines was “political”. French Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, told reporters that the risk-benefit ratio of the AstraZeneca vaccine continues to be positive.

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