Armed attack on madrasah in Nigeria |  NTV

Armed attack on madrasah in Nigeria | NTV

One person was killed and more than 100 students were kidnapped in an attack by gunmen on a madrasah in the West African country of Nigeria, Niger.

Niger State Police Spokesperson Wasiu A. Abiodun stated in a written statement that gunmen who came to Salihu Tanko Madrasa in the province’s Tegina region by motorcycle opened fire.

Abiodun reported that one person lost his life in the attack, and dozens of madrasah students were kidnapped.

Noting that the number of abducted students is not yet known, Abiodun said that security forces were dispatched to the incident area.

Abiodun appealed to the public for calm, expressing that the students would be saved unharmed.

On the other hand, national media reports claimed that more than 100 students were kidnapped in the attack.

The use of motorcycles has been banned in some states because gunmen have organized attacks with motorcycles in the country recently.

In Nigeria’s states such as Benue, Plateau, Katsina and Zamfara, students have been kidnapped from schools multiple times since January.

The last time in the country was 16 students kidnapped in an attack on Green Field Private University in Kaduna state on 20 April.

Education was suspended in some states due to attacks targeting Nigerian schools.

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