'April 1 jokes in the press' |  NTV

‘April 1 jokes in the press’ | NTV

There are various legends in different cultures, beliefs and languages ‚Äč‚Äčabout how “April 1”, known as “Joke Day” all over the world, came into being.

It is thought that the jokes, which were first seen in the Hilarya Festival of the ancient Romans and the Huli Festival of the Indians, became a tradition with the calendar arrangement made in France in 1564.

According to the Julian calendar named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, 25 March is considered the beginning of the new year, while the King of France, Charles the 9, changes the New Year’s date from April 1 to January 1 in 1564. According to this, jokes made to mock those who continue to accept April 1 as the beginning of the year become a tradition after a while, and those who accept April 1 as New Year’s Eve are referred to as “April Fools”.


Anadolu Agency also served its subscribers news containing April 1 joke in previous years.


The news “Natural gas found in Taksim” prepared by Anadolu Agency in 2013 as a “April 1” joke was one of the most read news on some websites and social media.

“As a result of the excavations carried out within the scope of the pedestrianization project in Istanbul, 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves were determined.” statement was included.

The news published by many news websites shortly after it was published became AA’s “April 1 joke” and it quickly spread on social media.

Some media outlets called AA Istanbul News Center and stated that they could not have the issue of “finding natural gas in Taksim” confirmed to the authorities and they wanted to talk to the news source.

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