Anti-quarantine demonstration in Vienna |  NTV

Anti-quarantine demonstration in Vienna | NTV

Demonstrators gathered in the Schweizergarten park near the main train station in the capital Vienna, unfurled banners saying “(Prime Minister Sebastian) Kurz must go”, “Stop the vaccine genocide”.

The demonstrators then marched, blocking the city’s most important ring road.

The demonstration, in which slogans against the government and especially Prime Minister Kurz were shouted, turned into a show of power by far-right and pro-Nazi groups.
Many protesters who covered their faces made Nazi propaganda by giving “Hitler Salute”.

Police forces set up barricades to prevent protesters from leaving a certain area. Demonstrators trying to cross the barricade clashed with the police.

While the demonstrators threw bottles and similar objects at the security forces, the police responded to the protesters with tear spray.

Police took criminal action against people who did not comply with Covid-19 measures and detained many demonstrators who used violence.

While the traffic was severely disrupted in some part of the city due to the demonstration, a group of opposition protesters protested the far-right and racist groups who held the demonstration using the epidemic as an excuse.

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