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Alleged coup plot in Jordan: Prince Hamza signed a letter emphasizing his loyalty to the King

According to the statement made by the Royal Court of Jordan, Princes Hashim bin Huseyin, Tallal bin Muhammad, Ghazi bin Muhammad and Rashid bin Hasan met with Prince Hamza bin Hussein at the house of Hasan bin Tallal, King Abdullah’s uncle.

Prince Hamza said in the letter he signed here, “I put myself in the hands of the King. I will remain on the covenant of our fathers and grandfathers.”

It was reported that the King appointed his uncle Hasan to deal with Prince Hamza and the Prince would adhere to the method determined by the Hashemite Royal family.

Hasan Bin Tallal, brother of former King Hussein of Jordan, was removed from the crown princedom three weeks before his brother’s death in 1999, and King Abdullah II was appointed in his place.


The US-based Washington Post newspaper claimed on April 3 that the former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein and 20 others were detained on the grounds that they were “a threat to the stability of the country”.

Jordan Chief of General Staff Major General Ahmed al-Huneyti stated that Prince Hamza was not taken into custody, but he was asked to stop his activities that could harm the country’s security.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Eymen al-Safedi said yesterday that as a result of the investigation, it was revealed that the former Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein was involved in some activities targeting the security of the country with foreign forces.

Stating that the Chief of General Staff asked Bin Huseyin to “stop its activities aimed at the security of the country”, but they could not get a positive response, Safedi noted that the former Crown Prince would be treated in accordance with the laws and the Hashemite Royal family.

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