Accident like massacre in Bolivia: 34 dead, 10 injured

Accident like massacre in Bolivia: 34 dead, 10 injured

In the South American country of Bolivia, 34 people lost their lives and 10 were injured when a passenger bus fell off a cliff.

According to the news in the Bolivian press, a passenger bus rolled off the cliff on the road between the cities of Potolo and Sucre in the state of Chuquisaca in the south of the country. In the accident, 34 people were killed and 10 injured.

Chuquisaca Traffic Operations Unit Director Jose Luis Assaf said, “The situation here is really painful. Relatives of the deceased came to the scene for identification, it’s really sad times they experienced.”

Stating that the bus fell from a height of more than 150 meters, Assaf stated that among the 10 injured people who were taken to the surrounding hospitals, there were those in serious condition.

Search and rescue efforts, which started in the morning due to the accident, ended.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the accident.

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