A new strain of Covid-19 encountered in Brazil

A new strain of Covid-19 encountered in Brazil

According to the news in the regional press, Covas announced at the press conference that they encountered a new type with similar features with the South African variant of Covid-19 in the city of Sorocaba, in the state of Sao Paulo, as a result of the analysis.

Covas said that the person with the virus has not traveled to South Africa and is not in contact with anyone traveling there, so the new strain may be the mutated version of the more infectious strain that emerged in the country’s city of Manaos, Amazonas state.

Stating that those who were in contact with the person with the virus were quarantined, Covas added that this species has yet to be seen in a person and the existence of cases caused by the same species has been investigated.

The city of Sorocaba, with a population of approximately 700 thousand, is located in the inner parts of the state of Sao Paulo, which is most affected by Covid-19 in Brazil.

Brazil, a South American country with a population of more than 210 million, is the country most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, after the USA.

Brazil has been going through difficult times in recent weeks, both due to occupancy in intensive care units and the spread of the more contagious type of Covid-19, P1.

For the past week, the average daily death toll in the country has been over 2,700 and the number of cases over 75,000.

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