A new species of giant dinosaur discovered in the Atacama desert of Chile

A new species of giant dinosaur discovered in the Atacama desert of Chile

A previously unknown dinosaur species was discovered in Chile’s barren Atacama desert. Scientists have noted that the Atacama desert was a wetland filled with lush grasslands millions of years ago.

The discovered new dinosaur was named “Arackar licanantay”, which means “Atacama bones” in the local Kunza language. The remains of the animal were discovered 120 kilometers south of the city of Copiapo by a team of geologists led by researcher Carlos Arevalo.


Scientists said the titanosaur had a small head, a long neck and tail, and an unusually straight back compared to other species. However, it was stated that the dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous period 66-80 million years ago.

On the other hand, the discovery of a titanosaur in the western part of the Andes in South America has been extremely rare, but several more species have been found in Argentina and Brazil. Arackar is smaller than other titanosaurs, such as Argentinosaurus, discovered in neighboring Argentina, the researchers said.

Titanosaurs are usually 9-12 meters in length and 13-15 tons in weight.

On the other hand, the remains of the new species were first discovered in the 1990s and were described by the team in the academic journal Cretaceous Research last Monday. It has been stated that the remains of the dinosaur will be exhibited in Chile’s Natural History Museum after the corona virus restrictions are lifted.

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