A new mutation of Covid-19 detected in Israel

A new mutation of Covid-19 detected in Israel

The Corona virus outbreak continues to mutate. In the statement made by the Israeli Ministry of Health, it was stated that the new mutated type of Covid-19 was detected in Israel.

The Ministry announced that the new species was detected in a new study conducted in Sheba Medical Center, the virology laboratory affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Stating that with the study, all Covid-19 mutations in Israel from February 2020 to January 2021 were examined, the Ministry stated that the new mutation was first detected in a sample taken last July and was found in a total of 181 samples.

The ministry also stated that the newly identified strain is less contagious and does not cause serious illness.

The total number of cases in Israel reached 832 thousand 574, and the total loss of life reached 6 thousand 197.

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