A first in human history: Perseverance will fly aircraft

A first in human history: Perseverance will fly aircraft

Spacecraft to mars Perseverance sent with ‘IngenuityThe mini helicopter named “Merit” will take off in the low density atmosphere of the planet.

Mars In order for the helicopter to hold in the air, the air must be intense. However, the atmosphere there is 1 percent of the density of the earth’s atmosphere. This situation causes even less holding force in the air there.

Experts think that the density of the atmosphere has increased due to the cold weather, so the mini helicopter named “Merit” can hold above the ground for a while.


“Ingenuity” was designed as a very light, and at the utmost “powerful” aircraft. The propellers of the helicopter, which weighs about 1 kilogram and 800 grams, move 10 times faster than the propellers of a helicopter on Earth. This will help the vehicle to hold in the air.

Test flights for the helicopter were planned for 90 seconds in 5 different time zones. According to the conclusions to be drawn here, similar helicopters will take on the role of “scouts” in the upcoming Mars missions to assist in the creation of manned missions.

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