$ 900 million compensation claim for "The Ever Given" blocking Suez

$ 900 million compensation claim for “The Ever Given” blocking Suez

Public broadcaster NHK, owner of the freighter based in Ehime state Japon Shoei Kisen According to the sources of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), the Japanese firm about the incident. 900 million dollars compensation wanted.

The Japanese firm stated that its claim for compensation, which includes loss of freight charges due to traffic congestion and resurfacing of the ship, is of “unprecedented size”, the claim is not based on “clear principles” and will continue negotiations with SCA.

The 400-meter-long freighter, owned by Shoei Kisen and operated by the Taiwanese “Evergreen” company, got off the route after the sandstorm caught on the canal road on March 24th, crashed into the shore and got stuck in the canal.

After the works, SCA announced on March 29 that the efforts to float the giant cargo ship were successfully completed and the canal was opened to maritime traffic.

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